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We provide our customers with many options that suit all tastes and we make sure that our real estate projects have a good reputation within the Turkish real estate market to ensure our customers their rights and the possibility of achieving a good return on investment in these real estate projects

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Transfer property And the tapu

We perform all legal procedures related to the transfer of ownership and registration of the property in the Land Registry

Property Management

We offer you decorative design services, brushes, and apartment modifications

Project visit tour

Accompany you on a field tour, and we help you to choose the suitable property for you

Real estate design

Includes rental of real estate if it is intended for investment and resale service

Reception at the airport

We meet you at the airport and connect you to your place of residence in Istanbul

Turkish Nationality file

We perform all procedures related to Turkish nationality under the supervision of our legal services team

Real estate advice

We offer you free real estate advice through a dedicated advisory team

Real estate residence in Turkey

We conduct real estate residency procedures for you, in addition to opening a bank account and tax number

The most common questions

What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey?


  • Obtaining real estate residence in Turkey
  • A profitable return on investment
  • Availability of international schools and universities
  • The cost of living is relatively low compared to European countries.



How to buy a property in Turkey?


  • You can buy a property through a trusted and experienced real estate broker who helps you choose the specifications and prices that suit you best.
  • Then prepare the required papers and sign the purchase contract.



Is it possible to buy a property in installments in Turkey?

Yes, it is possible to buy a property in installments. We have a wide choice of ownership in a comfortable installment system.

What are the problems of buying a property in Turkey?


  • Dealing with unreliable real estate marketing companies.
  • Buying the property without real estate experts.
  • Not specifying the required option in advance such as the number of rooms of the apartment, the budget.
  • Rush to make a buying decision without visiting the property site.



What is the best place to buy a property in Turkey?

The best place to buy a property in Turkey is the property that matches your aspirations and budget in terms of space and specifications down to the price and method of payment, There is no doubt that the apartments provide you with the widest selection of breathtaking views and luxurious finishes, at affordable prices.

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